Commercial worktops

Office tea room worktop

At Tradetop Designs Limited our expert team are specialists in providing office tea room worktops in a range of different materials. For design ideas click here to veiw our Tea Room Worktop gallery.

Solid surface office desktop

Discover the possibilities of a bespoke desk. At Tradetop Designs Limited we can produce desks in any shape or design - if you can imagine it, we can create it. To view our desk gallery please click here.

Office batroom worktop
Office batroom worktop

Transform your office bathroom with a bespoke worktop. At Tradetop Designs Limited we are experts at creating luxurious bathroom worktops in a variety of different materials. To view our bathroom worktop gallery please click here.

Find out all the other commercial worktops Tradetop Designs Limited can provide your business. To view our gallery please click here.